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Due to  Covid-19 we have temporarily canceled our monthly meetings, all meetings will be held virtually. If you have any questions, please contact: ; If you would like in-home lactation support please contact for a lactation counselor. 



In the late Spring of 2020, Chocolate Milk Cafe- RI, was informed of the new structural and ownership change National Chocolate Milk, Inc.


Chocolate Milk Cafe- RI,  a chapter affiliate of Chocolate Milk Cafe Inc, began with the introduction of Hakima Tafunzi Payne and Quatia Osorio, at the All-Inclusive Breastfeeding Conference in April 2016 held by the Rhode Island Breastfeeding Coalition. Under the guidance of Hakima Payne, the foundation of Chocolate Milk Cafe-RI began in July 2016. 

The restructuring of the organization has led to many changes, we will continue to submit for local fiscal or in-kind donations,


All donations made through the National Chocolate Milk Cafe, Inc. are tax-exempt. Our logo has been changed for continuity and support of these changes.We are proud to be part of a national organization that continues to build upon the work of the first food necessity and building communities to encourage lactation, breastfeeding, nursing, and breastmilk feeding.


Our Journ3i continues to support and promote the work of eliminating health disparities for communities and color and foster opportunities for health equity throughout the State of Rhode Island, City of Providence.

Chocolate Milk Cafe RI is still hosted once a month, on the first Thursday of every month at 4:30 p.m., to find out more click here  to register in advance. 

Your Rhode Island Chocolate Milk Cafe Facilitators: Quatia Osorio and Keesler Gomes, 


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