The Urban Perinatal Education Center, UPEC, began as an online pilot for further education and awareness around perinatal doula services funded by the City of Providence. 


Due to the pandemic a necessary shift was created to advance this work through establishing a nonprofit with the primary focus of education services and collaborative community care within the perinatal field. The need for a perinatal safe spot in a physical location is NECESSARY to establish the community care for those in the perinatal reproductive lifespan.

We exist to provide necessary perinatal health and wellness education to those who need it most and are adversely impacted by poor health outcomes in their reproductive life

Building upon the foundation work of Our Journ3i, we are creating a nonprofit to service families with collaboration community connection to those in the maternal and perinatal ecosystem, such as but not limited to:

  • Family Service Agency

  • Birthing Hospitals

  • Families

  • Perinatal Therapists

  • IVF Agencies

  • HR Benefits Admin *

  • Provider Offices

  • Insurance Company


Support us in launching our first fundraiser to purchase a building for our families!


If you are looking to be a philanthropic donor supporting our mission and vision, please email me directly at:

Board Members

Quatia Osorio - Executive Director/Founder

Diandra Williams - Executive Board

Simone Guthrie - Executive Board